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Wallboard Tools

Australia’s first specialised tool supplier for the plasterboard industry. Providing Australian plasterers with a comprehensive range of trade quality tools that included iconic brands like Hyde Tools, Wallboard Tools, Telpro Panellifts, Premier Taping Tools, Trim-Tex and many more


For help and information on the tools and accessories check out these videos provided by Wallboard Tools displaying how to use them.

Access Panels & Manhole Frames

We have Access Panels to suit every situation. Whether you need a standard Access Panel, or a specialised architectural panel. We supply Wallboard Tools' and Rondo's range of access pannels and manholes.

Rondo -


We hold a vast range of equipment from sheet lifters to stilts and even trestles, come on in and find what you need or give us a ring if we dont have it, we can certainly get it in.

Hand Tools & Accessories

With an extensive range of products from Wallboard we hold a number of hand tool products in stock from hawks and joint knives to bolt cutters and tape measures. Our large range means you only have to stop at our shop for all your plastering and fitout needs.

Joint Tapes & Specialty Corner Trims

We have all the joint tape you will ever need and all those fancy corner trims you have never heard of that the achitech wanted...

Plastering Beads & Accessories Internal

Our stock includes the complete range of plastering corner beads and angles for every corner you set and yes we hold plenty of 847 spray to go with them.

Power Tools & Accessories

With Makita and Iccons on board we hold and have access to all the power tools and heated jackets you need. Our supply from wallboard also extends this range to sanders and vacuums.

Safety Products

We take safety seriously. That's why we hold the safety products you need, ear plugs and hard hats to dust masks and gloves, plus many more thanks to our supplier maXisafe

Sanding and Abrasive Products

We've got all your sanding needs covered with our range of sandpaper, sanding sponges and sanding disks for all sizes and all grits.

Automatic Taping

Complete any job with ease using the full range of TapePro tools making every job quick and simple. See the full range available at our Shop and check out more information on their website.