When it comes to sourcing the best materials for your new or existing home, then Bradford Insulation products are often at the forefront of renovators minds.

If you’re weighing up your options regarding insulation products available in Australia, then there’s a high chance that you’ve already stumbled across the Bradford brand. Whether you're a contractor, builder, architect or distributor, sourcing high quality materials is crucial if you want the structure to go the distance, and Bradford Insulation has earned its status as a market leader.

The Bradford Insulation Story 

Along with absorbing noise, insulation is a crucial component in regulating the temperature in your home, office or commercial space. When you don't have sufficient insulation, there's nothing to keep the warm OR cool air inside where it belongs. Not only does this drive up your power bills, but you run the real risk of always being uncomfortable in your own space. As a result, insulation is something that you don’t want to skip over or settle for a less than reputable supplier - so where do you start?

Bradford Insulation was the first in Australia to manufacture insulation from recycled materials. In 1934, the Bradford brothers did just that by using waste slag from steel manufacturing before. After opening their first production plant in Newcastle, the family enterprise rapidly grew thanks to their entrepreneurial mindset paired with a desire to create high quality materials from scratch.

The growing brand was gaining national attention, and was in turn acquired by CSR Limited in the 1950’s. During the next decade, rock wool manufacturing was introduced, which helped to cement the position of Bradford Insulation as a market leader when it came to acoustic, thermal and fire insulations solutions - so much so, that they even secured the tender to insulate the Sydney Opera House.

The next two decades saw  Bradford Insulation continue with its expansion. Along with launching Anticon and reflective roofing products, Bradford gold batts and introducing the iconic Braddy Batt to televisions all over Australia, Bradford also began to introduce glasswool into their insulation production lines. After making significant advancements in home grown technology, the company proceeded to expand into Asia, Bradford secured new manufacturing facilities in China to streamline the production process and international turnaround times.

The 2010’s saw Bradford use their technologies to develop other areas of the business, such as the launch of Bradford Solar and Energy Solutions. As one of the primary voices behind the introduction of government issued BCA regulations for homes and commercial buildings, the once small family owned business isn’t showing any signs of slowing down just yet. 

Sourcing Bradford Products In South East Queensland 

Undertaking an extensive home build, renovation or commercial construction is a big task, and ensuring that you get it right the first time is crucial if you wish to avoid costly maintenance further down the track. It’s for this very reason that thousands of Aussies opt for products made by Bradford products every year - but where do you find them?

Bayside Plasterboard and Gold Coast Plasterboard serve both trade and DIY customers who are on the hunt for high quality materials and world class service. With two showrooms conveniently located at both Capalaba in Brisbane and Carrara on the Gold Coast, access to a wide range of plastering tools and accessories, hand tools, and power tools has never been easier for South East Queensland’s growing building industry. 

If you’re looking to add Bradford Insulation products to your home or commercial space, the good news is that we supply a vast range of materials that are suitable to just about any project. Should you find yourself looking for further tips as to which product is best suited to your space, please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can bring your building or construction vision to life.