Where To Find Weathertex Products In South East Queensland

When it comes to sourcing the very best materials for your new or existing home, then Weathertex products are often at the forefront of renovators minds. 

Weatherboard cladding has been synonymous with Australian home design since the very first European settlers began building on our shores, adorning our classic Australian beach shacks, our large Queenslanders, and worker’s cottages. 

While they essentially act as a series of horizontal boards nailed to outside walls with edges overlapping to keep the rain out, it’s also paramount to ensure you’re using quality materials if you want them to go the distance, which is why builders and renovators have been choosing Weathertex as their go-to construction material for close to eighty years. 

The Weathertex Story 

When it comes to the pioneers of modern Australian timber cladding, Weathertex holds a well earned reputation as one of the best manufacturers in the industry - so where did it all begin?

The primary Weathertex factory was founded in 1939 in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales. Originally owned by the Masonite Corporation, with the first of Weathertex style products being introduced to the manufacturing list in 1964. While the operation changed hands several times over the years, current owner Paul Michael purchased the brand with his business partner in 1998, before taking the reins in its entirety in 2003. 

While some things have changed - Paul has ensured that others never will. Weathertex still operates from the very same production facility as it did in 1939, albeit with a few adjustments along the way. Along with significant overhauls and investments in technology, Weathertex has remained 100% owned and operated, employing over 100 local team members to ensure that their manufacturing process remains state of the art - it’s even earned the badge of a “better than zero” carbon emissions footprint. 

Describing Weathertex’s diverse range of products, owner Paul Michael explains, “It’s a timber cladding product that’s all external, with the unique feature and benefit that it has a below zero carbon footprint since it is produced using 97% timber and 3% natural wax.” 

While all Weathertex products are made in Australia from PEFC certified state forest or private hardwoods without any chemical additives, Paul stands by his products so fervently that Weathertex Weatherboards are guaranteed not to rot, split or crack for 25 years.

Sourcing Weathertex Products In South East Queensland 

Undertaking an extensive home build, renovation or commercial construction is a big task, and ensuring that you get it right the first time is crucial if you wish to avoid costly maintenance further down the track. It’s for this very reason that thousands of Aussies opt for Weathertex products every year - but where do you find them?

Bayside Plasterboard and Gold Coast Plasterboard serve both trade and DIY customers who are on the hunt for high quality materials and world class service. With two showrooms conveniently located at both Capalaba in Brisbane and Carrara on the Gold Coast, access to a wide range of plastering tools and accessories, hand tools, and power tools has never been easier for South East Queensland’s growing building industry. 

If you’re looking to add Weathertex products to your home or commercial space, the good news is that we supply a vast range of materials that are suitable to just about any project. Should you find yourself looking for further tips as to which product is best suited to your space, please get in touch with us today to discuss how we can bring your building or construction vision to life.