Ceiling, Wall & Specialty Systems

Whether dropping a ceiling to place air conditioning ductwork or to add insulation, the ceiling system you choose will decide how smoothly the work goes, how often you need to carry out maintenance, and how much you spend both in the long and short term.

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Ceiling structures, either in new builds or renovation projects, should add more than simple decorative appeal to an interior. While an aesthetically designed ceiling makes a difference to any room, additional features can make your choice of ceiling systems a simpler one. Bayside Plasterboard supplies A-grade ceiling systems from leading brands; Rondo metal ceiling grids or trafficable platforms, for example.

When considering lowering your ceiling or replacing an already installed one, bear in mind that our specialty products offer more than a divide between upstairs and downstairs. Our solutions boast characteristics which include:

  • Noise reduction
  • Mould Resistance
  • Sag Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Moisture Resistance

Rondo Ceiling Grid and Surface Mount Systems

At Bayside Plasterboard, we only supply our customers with the best. Rondo metal ceiling systems are highly innovative. Their range of both concealed grid or exposed grid solutions meet acoustic, fire-rated, wind loading and seismic design requirements. Rondo ceiling systems are available as direct-fix or suspended applications, producing high-quality structures that can support multiple layers. These ceiling solutions can be used in both fire-rated and non-fire-rated environments, and are suitable for acoustic, bulkhead and seismic designs. Expertly engineered for fast assembly on site, some of these lightweight grid systems are suitable for use in a variety of applications including curved ceilings, bulkheads and corridors. Achieve spans of up to 1600mm without the need for suspension hangers – ideal for use in small rooms. The Rondo framing ceiling system is the strongest, onto which a trafficable platform can be installed in the plenum area above ceilings for safe and secure access to services.

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