Compounds & Adhesives

For the uninitiated, the world of plasterboard adhesives and compounds can be overwhelming. Using cheap quality, unbranded products, especially after investing in new plasterboard, will come back to haunt you.

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Professional contractors know the importance of using the right product. They also know that quality counts. Bayside Plasterboard has therefore resolved to only supply professional standard plastering supplies to all of its customers.

To help beginners wade their way through the jungle that is plastering supplies, we have added a short introduction to the various types of compounds and finishing products which can be used on high quality plasterboard from brands such as Boral, Gyproc and James Hardie.

  • Plasterboard adhesive or plasterboard cement: it goes without saying that this is the product that bonds plasterboard to other surfaces. However, you will need to source the correct type.
  • Masonry adhesive: for fixing plasterboard to masonry, brick or concrete. An example would be Boral Masonry Suitable for difficult or very uneven surfaces. Slow setting time and strong bonding qualities
  • Back blocking adhesive: back blocks are plasterboard off-cuts that fit between trusses or metal frames to reinforce joints and require a specific type of cement
  • Stud Adhesive: water-based or acrylic adhesive used for bonding plasterboard to timber and/or metal studs which are designed to minimise nail and screw ‘popping’ caused by timber shrinkage or frame movement
  • Cornice adhesive: for paper-faced and plaster cornices and all other types of plasterwork décor
  • Plaster is bought as powder and, apart from its obvious use as a wall-plastering medium, is not a simple one-type-fits-all product. There are various sorts and applications.
  • Patching plaster: for general repairs to plaster surfaces
  • Hard Finish plaster: general purpose product to create a tough, smooth abrasive-resistant finish on masonry, brick and concrete
  • Casting plaster: for the production of fibre reinforced cornice sections, cast panels, tiles, ceiling roses etcetera
  • Dental plaster: in the building industry, dental plaster is used as an additive to casting and finish plaster types as it will adjust the setting time and increase strength
  • Pottery plaster: for slip casting of sanitary ware and manufacture of compression moulds
  • Plasterboard jointing compounds are usually split into categories which refer to the number of layers applied to plasterwork joints. The first coat is a filler, the second and third are finishing coats. Some of our products combine all three coats into a single product which professionals either love or hate.
  • Setting-type plasterboard compounds: used when base coating plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads. Ideal for heavy fills in drywall interiors and exterior ceiling boards. Setting-type compounds supplied by Bayside Plasterboard are lightweight, sand easily to a smooth finish, and exhibit low shrinkage. These special and time-saving characteristics do not come as default in low quality products!
  • Joint finish compound: come premixed and are lightweight, air-drying compounds for perfect finishing coats for all plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads
  • High-performance compound: professional product suitable for applying as a second and finishing coat with superior workability
  • Ultra lightweight finishing joint compound allows greater control and accuracy with less fatigue at the end of the day
  • All-purpose compounds: also known as mud, all-purpose products are used for all applications on plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads
  • Drying type compounds: this compound type reduces the risk of premature dry-out associated with plaster based compounds in hot and dry conditions
  • Joint sealants: water-resistant, smoke-resistant, sound-resistant or fire-resistant sealants which remain flexible

Bayside Plasterboard supplies Brisbane and the surrounding area with plasterboard, structural materials and accessories, and can often send specific items to Boral building supplies depots much further afield.

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