Fibre Cement Products

Fibre Reinforced Cement (FRC), or fibre cement, is a popular building material developed by James Hardie in the early 1980s when pioneering the use of alternative reinforcing materials to create asbestos-free, cement-based building products.

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Fibre cement is a composite building material used predominantly in roofing and façade products because of its strength and durability.

Fibre cement products are a mixture of:

  • Natural (cellulosic) and synthetic fibres
  • Portland cement
  • Silica (sand)
  • Water
  • Chemical additives to provide particular characteristics


When an Austrian-born industrialist developed a process in which asbestos fibres were added to cement in the final year of the 19th century, the new wonder-product didn’t need long to take off on a global scale. The original James Hardie took these reinforced sheets back to Australia only a few years later.

Even though the first link between asbestos and illness had been written down by the Romans, it was only in recent history that Australia’s asbestos ban came into being. Today’s younger DIYers and professional builders will probably have come across cases of ‘Mr Fluffy’ during renovations. But it took until 2003 for an Australia-wide ban on the manufacture and use of all types of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials.

Appalled by its part in the introduction of asbestos into Australia, James Hardie (the company) made the first strides in asbestos-free fibre cement development. It also set up the Medical Research and Compensation Foundation in 2001, and signed an agreement with the NSW government in 2005 to provide $4.5 billion in funding for Australia’s asbestos victims.

If you are renovating an older property, any suspect fibre cement materials should be handled according to Safe Work Australia’s national guidelines. Bayside Plasterboard fibre cement products replace hazardous cladding while increasing the durability, aesthetic quality, safety and value of your home, or of your commercial or industrial property.

Asbestos-free fibre cement’s advantages include:

  • Resistant to rust, rot and chemical attack
  • Insect-proof
  • Long life span and highly durable
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Vapour permeable
  • Insulates both thermally and acoustically
  • Excellent weather-proofing properties
  • Very low maintenance

The Bayside Plasterboard range of fibre cement products come direct from its developer. James Hardie® is the global leader in fibre cement, offering a complete range of interior and exterior cladding and profiles designed to work in unison, giving you the opportunity to combine multiple products (and looks) on a single surface.

The following product types, and more, can be found in our fibre cement catalogue listings:

  • External cladding
  • Façade systems
  • Trim
  • Eaves
  • Internal lining
  • Flooring and decking
  • All fibreboard and fibre cement panel accessories

As Brisbane’s building suppliers of choice, we only deal in the best materials at the best prices. Feel free to drop in or give us a call for specific information or advice. Every member of our dedicated our team has broad knowledge and plenty of experience in the field of interior and exterior finishes.

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