Fixing & Fasteners

When you buy plasterboard online from Bayside Plasterboard, or come to one of our two shops specialising in plaster supplies (Brisbane – Gold Coast and Capalaba),  you will need to make sure you have the correct fixings and fasteners.

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Whatever your plastering needs, we offer a broad range of high quality accessories to ensure your plasterboard finishes perform the way they should. Avoiding thermal bridges, creating fail-safe fixtures to hollow walls, helping the environment with reusable and corrosion-resistant fasteners – Bayside Plasterboard stocks and delivers them all:

  • Self drill plasterboard fixings/rawl plugs
  • Countersunk and pan heads
  • Anchors
  • Spring toggles and toggle plugs
  • Thermal block fixings
  • Hollow wall fixings
  • Plasterboard clips
  • Grip nuts
  • Concrete nailing systems
  • Screws

We have selected Iccons as our primary fixings and fasteners supplier. Because of this, Iccons offer Bayside Plasterboard the best price. Plasterboard fixings and fittings are part and parcel of our exclusive deal. This means that we only offer the Iccons range in this section of the catalogue, although this exclusivity deal does not affect other categories where we are dedicated to sourcing items when not listed. However, as the Iccons range is huge, we doubt you will need to look elsewhere for plasterboard fixings and fasteners.

Iccons is are the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of patented innovative mechanical anchoring and fastening systems, offering high performance propriety fixing systems for every trade in the construction industry.

Our Iccons range includes the following:


  • Hex heads (with post head option), flush heads or countersunk anchors suitable for concrete, solid brick & concrete block walls and expand when tightened.
  • Suspension and suspension spring anchors for the suspension of ceiling systems to concrete. Comply with ceiling hanger requirements for non-trafficable ceiling systems. The long version of the Iccons wire-thru bolt aids in applications where insulation panels have been installed
  • Expresse nails for concrete, masonry and timber flooring battens
  • Heavy-duty through anchors with seismic certification
  • Light, medium and heavy duty anchors
  • Plasterboard and hollow/cavity wall anchors

Concrete Nailing Systems

Iccons has the latest in powder and gas actuated fastening systems (forced entry), providing a cost effective method of attaching fixtures for professionals and the true, trained DIY enthusiast. Low noise, low recoil, improved nail transport mechanism and comfortable design means significantly reduced work-related injuries on-site.


Iccons supply all standard drill accessories with specialist products for the professional. At Bayside Plasterboard, you can take advantage of our exclusive low prices for all Iccons products.

  • All standard drill and hammer drill bits
  • Points
  • Chisels – flat, pointed, spade, gouge, mortar, winged, tile
  • Core tools
  • Self-sharpening solutions
  • Rotational drilling bits for ceramics, tiles and stoneware


Iccons diamond drilling motors, diamond core bits, and rim, segmented and silent blades ranges offer the ultimate in heavy-duty tools which treat concrete like soft wood. Bayside Plasterboard’s exclusivity deal with Iccons means our prices are well below the competition.


Iccons have responded to growing demand from the global market to supply quality screws for the industrial construction fastener market.

The Iccons catalogue (and therefore our own) lists every imaginable size of:

  • SD screws
  • Type 17 screws
  • Needle screws
  • Chipboard screws
  • Cyclonix extreme weather screws
  • Self drilling Hex trade packs
  • Decking screw trade packs

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