QuietStuf® Acoustic Insulation Batts
 Acoustic Insulation Batts QuietStuf Sound Insulation Batts are designed for the noise insulation of standard timber- and steel-framed residential and commercial buildings. The acoustic batts reduce airborne sound, impact noise and noise transmission by controlling resonating noise in the construction cavity. QuietStuf Batts come as acoustic insulation batts and rolls pre-cut to fit standard wall framing and mid-floor joist… 
 QuietStuf® Sound Blanket (ASB) 
Sound Insulation Blanket QuietStuf Autex Sound Blanket (ASB) is designed to suit a wide range of commercial building applications such as, walls, partitions and for use as a ceiling overlay.

The sound insulation blanket is predominately used for improving sound transmission by reducing resonance in Plasterboard wall systems. (Please refer to the Autex Acoustic Design Guide for specific performance characteristics). QuietStuf® acoustic insulation products are user-friendly 100% polyester and are designed to significantly reduce noise transfer between walls, ceilings and floors. QuietStuf Autex Absorption Blanket (AAB) is designed for maximum control of reverberated noise in building interiors. QuietStuf AAB has been designed to suit a wide range of commercial and industrial building applications. QuietStuf AAB is available in a wide range of both prescribed and ordered densities and thicknesses, to be used in a wide range of applications including;

• Heavy duty wall/ceiling partition infill and ceiling overlays
• Acoustic and thermal linings for HVAC ductwork
• Reverberation control for buildings and plant rooms
• Acoustic infill for baffles, panels and louvres
• Curtain wall infills
• OEM applications

QuietStuf AAB is available in white, black and a mid-range grey to suit your application and can be manufactured to your spacific size requirements. MOQ’s apply.

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