Eaves & Soffits

What is the difference between an eave and a soffit? And what is a facia? Bayside Plasterboard supplies them all, and – for the uninitiated – we are happy to help:

  • Eave: the outer edge of any roof that hangs over the façade
  • Soffit: stand on the ground and look up at the underside of the eaves; you are looking at the soffit
  • Fascia: panel that connects the soffit edge to the eave edge

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When you consider that this small area of roof is composed of multiple parts, it goes without saying that they need to fit together completely seamlessly. Improperly installed elements will be an open invitation to water UV damage, and provide homes for bats, bees and birds.

This is why Bayside Plasterboard, Brisbane makes James Hardie its eaves, soffit and facia partner of choice. Systems on offer are simple to install, UV and moisture resistant, and extremely durable.

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