Ceiling Tiles & Acoustic Panels

Steel studs are perfectly straight, don’t shrink or split, are light and easy to install, and are fire-resistant, insect-resistant and rot-resistant. They are also a lot cheaper than wood frames.

The Bayside range of plasterboard framing systems include plasterboard ceiling sections, ceiling perimeters, suspension angles, furring channels and main support channels for the rapid installation of plasterboard or drywall. We can supply our customers with custom lengths of various profile widths and gauges.

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By keeping up to date with the latest developments in plasterboard framing systems, Bayside Plasterboard can add solutions to this catalogue such as the Rondo trafficable ceiling system which allows easy access for mechanical and electrical services, simultaneously providing support for the ceiling below, and seismic systems which can withstand sizeable seismic activity. We also supply acoustic wall systems. If it’s not listed, please ask.

A good plasterboard installation guide from a reputable manufacturer such as Gyproc will indicate recommended spacings, channel types, and fixings and fasteners for plasterboard framing. This advice is based upon tried and tested safety guidelines. Rondo framing manuals are also extremely informative for those without much experience. Naturally, the Bayside Plasterboard team is also willing to help if you can provide us with enough details about your plasterboard installation project.

Bayside Plasterboard supply:

  • Concealed ceiling systems
  • Exposed ceiling systems
  • Steel C stud/C channel framing systems
  • Wall and ceiling access panels
  • Acoustic steel frame systems
  • Knock-resistant finishing sections
  • Aluminium grid ceiling systems
  • Internal beads for high traffic/public interiors and exteriors
  • All plasterboard framing system fixtures and fasteners

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