Black Tip Thunderbolt Hex Head



    ICCONS® Black-Tip Thunderbolt® is a high tensile self-tapping concrete and masonry anchor for use in a whole range of materials used in the construction Industry. Installation is quick and easy, simply drill your hole and screw in the anchor, making the Black-Tip Thunderbolt® the ideal general purpose anchor, even on temporary jobs as it’s completely removable

    Why are Thunderbolts® better?
    • High Loads – also makes it an alternative choice to most adhesive anchors.
    • Balancing thread ensures correct alignment of anchor.
    • Fix straight through your fixture.
    • One-piece anchor
    • Non-expansion for close-to-edge fixing.
    • Anchor is easily removed.
    • 25º helix angle of thread for reduced setting torque.
    • Core diameter designed to avoid trapping dust.
    • Manufactured from high grade steel.
    • Tensile strength of 800N/mm² (after heat treatment).

    Who Uses Thunderbolts®?
    • General builders
    • Fencing contractors
    • Shelving and warehouse racking installers
    • Property maintenance
    • Shop fitters
    • Plumbing contractors
    • Electrical contractors

    Substrate Suitability
    Concrete, Block, Brick, Timber,
    Marble, Stone.