LiteFinish™ Finishing Compound



    LiteFinish™ finishing compound is a yellow tinted, lightweight, premixed, air-drying compound developed specially for use as the ideal finishing coat for all plasterboard joints, angles and fastener heads. It is a premium grade product designed to be used in conjunction with EasySand™, BaseCote® or RediBase™ compounds.

    It is specially formulated to deliver excellent consistency, easy application for increased productivity, low shrinkage, good hiding power and easy sanding. A creamy compound that maintains its body structure, it is suitable for hand tool and mechanical application.

    Advantages include:

    Premium grade, lightweight, creamy finishing compound.
    Excellent workability. Easy application by hand or with mechanical tools.
    Excellent hiding. Yellow in colour.
    Very easy to sand by hand or with mechanical sanding tools.
    Smooth finish, excellent surface for painting.