SHEETROCK® Ultralightweight Finishing Compound



    SHEETROCK® Brand UltraLightweight Finishing Joint Compound is up to 10% lighter than USG Boral alternatives. It is ideal for filling (second coat) and finishing over plasterboard joints, fasteners and angles.

    Designed specifically with the finishing contractor in mind, this compound allows greater control and accuracy with less fatigue at the end of the day.

    SHEETROCK® UltraLightweight Finishing Compound is a low-shrinkage ready-mix compound recommended for use in second and third coats over SHEETROCK® Taping Joint Compounds or RediBase™.
    Easy workability, excellent slip and low shrinkage.
    Can be used directly from the container
    Requires only minimal mixing, thinning, and retempering
    Light yellow tinted.
    Very easy sanding (220 mesh sanding)