Huge Range of Compounds & Adhesives on the Gold Coast

Whether you’re a professional tradesman or completing a DIY project, Bayside On The Coast stock and supply an extensive range of compounds and adhesives to suit any project.

At Bayside On The Coast we offer an extensive range of products and brands suitable for various purposes including:

  • Premix
  • Air-drying compounds
  • Adhesive compounds for back-blocking ceiling and wall joints
  • Compounds for taping and basecoating plasterboard joints and angles
  • Adhesive used for bonding paperfaced cornice, cast fibrous plaster decorative cornice and plaster decorative products
  • Hard finish plaster
  • Easy sanding compounds
  • Masonry adhesive for bonding plasterboard sheets to masonry, brick or concrete surfaces
  • Stud adhesives
  • Wet area sealant
  • Paintable, water-resistant sealer
  • Wet area taping cement
  • Cornice adhesive
  • Patching plaster
  • Plasterboard accessories
  • Plasterboard repair kits

Compounds & Adhesives Range

All Purpose Premix

Air drying, lightweight compound suitable for all three coat applications with paper tape.

Back-Blocking Adhesive

Plaster based setting type adhesive compound for back-blocking ceiling and wall joints.

BaseCote® 45, 60 & 90

Leading gypsum based setting compound designed for taping and basecoating plasterboard joints and angles.

Cornice Adhesive 45 & 60

Recommended for bonding paperfaced cornice, cast fibrous plaster decorative cornice and plaster decorative product.


A premixed, air-drying, easy sanding, semi-lightweight  finishing compound.

Hard Finish Plaster

Skim coat plaster designed for use with lime to achieve a hard surface on walls and ceilings.


Lightweight air-drying finishing compound with easy application, low shrinkage, good hiding and easy sanding.

Masonry Adhesive

Plaster based adhesive for bonding plasterboard sheets to masonry, brick or concrete surfaces.

PatchCote 20™

A plaster based, setting type compound recommended for small and large repairs on plasterboard.

Premium Bond™ Stud Adhesive

Water-based synthetic stud adhesive for bonding plasterboard to timber and metal studs.


A premixed, drying type base compound formulated for use in a hot and dry environment.

TopCote 550®

A premium standard weight finishing compound, offering easy sanding to give a smooth finish.

Wet Area Sealant

Acrylic based water resistant sealant suitable for wet area applications.

Wet Area SealCote

Paintable water resistant sealer suitable for sealing the face of wet area linings.

Wet Area Taping Cement

Designed for use with reinforcing tape in joints and angles in wet area applications.

DIY Cornice Adhesive

Stick cornice and ceiling roses on ceilings, build an arch, reinforce plasterboard walls.

DIY Patching Plaster

Soft and easy to use, DiY Patching Plaster will fill cracks and patch holes in walls and ceilings quickly and without

DIY Plasterboard Accessories

Includes broadknives, corner tools, hand sanders, mitre masters, plasterboard nails and screws, sandpaper and more.

DIY Plasterboard Repair Kit

Complete with simple step-by-step instructions, plasterboard repair clips and patch.

DIY Stud Adhesive

DiY Stud Adhesive will bond plasterboard to framing hard and fast.

DIY Total Joint Finish

DiY Total Joint Finish is the perfect finishing touch to any plastering home improvement.

Bostik Ultragrip

A specially formulated non-toxic high strength acrylic stud adhesive designed to minimize nail and screw “popping” caused by timber shrinkage or frame movement.