Find documentation relating to our selection of plastering supplies and accessories here. We do our best to keep them up to date. If you know of a particular manual or product that you feel would be of interest to both us and our customers, please let us know.

Your Guide To Gyprock Sheet Sizes
Plasterboard has long been a key staple for many Australian construction projects, but what are your options when it comes
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James Hardie Cladding Products Explained
While James Hardie cladding products are known to be the best of the best, exactly which option is right for
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The Perks Of Aluminium Skirting
While aluminium skirting isn’t exactly known as one of the ‘sexier’ components of a build or renovation, it doesn’t mean
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The Benefits Of A Suspended Ceiling
If you’re weighing up whether adding a suspended ceiling is a good idea or not, ensure that you’re up to
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A Guide To Sourcing Villaboard In Queensland
Thanks to its ability to withstand wear and tear, villaboard is rising in popularity for high traffic areas in both
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Five 2022 Design Trends To Watch For
If you’re renovating a new home this year, it might be worth paying attention to the whispers surrounding the 2022
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Comparing Base Coat vs Top Coat Paint
Do you know the differences between a base coat and a top coat with paint? If you want to give
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Unpacking The Tiny House Movement
While the Australian real estate market is booming, so too is the tiny house movement – but is this ‘Instagrammable’
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Comparing-Vinyl-vs-Acoustic-Ceiling-Tiles (1)
Comparing Vinyl vs Acoustic Ceiling Tiles
While they can provide an array of practical and aesthetic benefits in drop ceiling systems, where do you start with
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An Introduction To Fibre Cement
Whether you’re a renovator or a member of the building industry, you’ll no doubt be curious about the buzz surrounding
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Your Guide To Plastering Apprenticeships
If you’re weighing up your options for a career in the trades sector, then plastering apprenticeships may be a possible
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Navigating The Building Materials Shortage
Not only is Australia dealing with the global building materials shortage, but we’re also facing a surge in the cost
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