Find documentation relating to our selection of plastering supplies and accessories here. We do our best to keep them up to date. If you know of a particular manual or product that you feel would be of interest to both us and our customers, please let us know.

Types Of Cornices And Why You Need Them
Considered to be the icing on your home’s cake, cornices are designed to disguise unsightly joints between your wall and
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Plasterboard vs Villaboard – What’s Right For You?
Whether you find yourself building or renovating, do you know the key differences between water resistant plasterboard vs villaboard?  By
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Gold Coast Plasterboard Donates Boat to Broadbeach SLSC
In September 2020, the team at Gold Coast Plasterboard donated a surf boat to the Broadbeach Surf Lifesaving Club.  Broadbeach
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Seven Commercial Construction Trends We’ll See In 2021
The way we work has changed – so the construction trends that we’ll see in office and commercial spaces is
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What Are Ceiling Tiles And Why Use Them
A core component of a drop ceiling, ceiling tiles provide an array of practical and aesthetic benefits in both residential
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Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Feature Walls
Is there a blank space in your yard? Outdoor feature walls can be tricky, but when done well they’re a
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Tips On How To Soundproof Your Home
Whether you’re trying to contain your own noise or block out someone else’s, knowing how to soundproof your home is
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2021 Construction Trends: What We’ll See In Homes Next Year
If you’re looking to add value to your home via an upcoming renovation, here’s the top construction trends for 2021
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How To Nail Hamptons Style Interior Design
Oozing classic coastal vibes, Hamptons style interior design has well and truly been embraced by Aussies – and it looks
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How to Repair Holes & Cracks
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How to Build an Archway
Preparation Changing an existing doorway to an archway Remove door, architraves, jamb linings etc. to expose the doorway back to
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How to Repair an Old Plaster Ceiling
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